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firmware update

  1. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark in Really Bad Wind Today U.K

    Was out today testing new firmware that i'd downgraded to 300 so i can mod the parims and because of the bad 1000 july update its horrible!!! Heres The Youtube from my flight today 28/7/2018
  2. W

    Password issue after update

    I updated to the latest firmware and after the restart I can no longer connect to the aircraft wifi. I reset it back to factory and I still cannot connect, getting a "check the password" dialogue.I can connect via otg all day with both my Pixel 2 and my my firetablet HD but can no longer connect...
  3. andy_drew

    Near Fly Away!! Please help!

    Hi, I had a really scary moment with my Spark just before Christmas. I'd just re-calibrated my compass and IMU before flying as I’d upgraded to the latest firmware. About 8 mins into my flight and around 34ft from me I got a high wind velocity warning and then a compass error. Then my Spark...
  4. S

    Spark Remote Firmware 1.00.0400

    Hi All, I have a new spark with fly more combo. The spark has the latest fw but the remote is complaining and want to upgrade to the 1.00.0400 firmware. I am really worried to install that firmware as my remote might became bricked. I am using iphone 6s with latest iOs. Questions: 1. Can I...
  5. I

    Whoaaa This Sphere Pano Update is Awesome.

    How to do the sphere thing & firmware update V01 00 0701 Awesome addition to the Sparks Armoury...If only you could share the end result..
  6. H

    Spark shot down during Firmware update

    Hey all, I experiencing a big problem with my drone and I'm a bit lost so I need your help. I was updating the firmware from the IOS app DJI GO 4 and didn't realise that my battery wasn't full (around 30%). The update took longer than what I expected and when I came back the Spark was off...
  7. N

    New Firmware Update Alert

    Hey Guys, Please update your firmware before 1st September otherwise DJI will turn off your Spark Drone. This is very important update for improvement in flight performance, goggle integration, flight compatibility.
  8. MedicineMan4004

    Opened new Spark this past afternoon and updated firmware.....

    Just received my Spark yesterday afternoon, went through the whole process (and flew tonight). The firmware update I just did, is that the 'big one' everyone is posting about? I too am leaving on a big trip in 7 days and will have scant internet service....the trip is 23 days long....I bet the...