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first time

  1. K

    First video

    I do a lot of Jeeping/off-road stuff and got my Spark to spice up my YouTubes. What a great little unit! I’ve found out it will not avoid tree branches, so here is my first successful flight to try out a few basic maneuvers...
  2. Lucas Franck de Lima

    First Photo - Porto Alegre/RS - Brazil

    What's up guys! First photo made with my new spark. Manual mode, sunset, edited in Lightroom. I hope you like it, my instagram is @lucasfranckbro See you there! Give a hoot! Hugs from Brazil
  3. T

    First time flying, testing Spark as a professional tool

    First time flying and testing the Spark. I was curious to find out if Spark can give me some professional footage or I will just keep on using it as a footage scouting tool. And yes, the results got higher than expected =)