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fly more combo

  1. DaysOfNoah

    Sold $370: mint DJI Spark + 4 batteries + $700 of accessories - Denver Colorado area

    Yellow Spark in near mint condition. I collected every accessory, have flown very little, no crashes, all 4 batteries are healthy. Takes beautiful photos and videos. I love my Spark. Tough decision. I’m selling because I want to buy Star Wars Legos to build with my kids. DJI Spark drone has...
  2. JoostGT3

    Te koop/For sale: Spark FMC + Portable Charging Station (Netherlands only)

    Although I really love ol' Sparky, I have a Mav Mini and an M2Pro as well, so I'm putting my Spark including FMC and Portable charging station up for sale. (For Dutch only). See classified at the Dutch selling website Marktplaats: LINK
  3. E


    Hello, I have for sale a like new condition DJI Spark fly more combo. This comes with some extras like two extra batteries totaling 4, one of the batteries is new never activated, gimbal protector, range extender, carry case, and I also purchased the white charger that you see in the pic, it...
  4. E


    Selling a prestine condition Dji spark fly more for $400. This one actually comes with an extra battery for a total of 3, the carrying case/bag, clamshell case, charger block, white charging station that charges 4 batteries, phone, and controller all at same time, 2 out of the 3 batteries are...
  5. D

    Looking to Trade Spark Fly More Combo With Extras

    Hello all, I have a DJI Spark Fly More Combo with an extra case with exact cutouts to store the spark, the controller, the charger, 2 batteries, and more. The case has a zipper pouch as well that I put the rest of my gear in. It is in 100% perfect condition. I just bought it a week ago. I'd...
  6. K

    Spark is being pushed around in the wind!

    I have had my drone for a little while (purchased on boxing day) and have had lots of fun flying it. But it has come to the point where I am very frustrated with flying in minimal wind conditions. Whenever I fly the drone gets pushed by the wind, even if there is next to no wind! I am curious...
  7. Schlamil

    Nib DJI Spark fly more combo $500 +shipping (gift receipt) SOLD

    Hello, New sealed Dji Spark Fly More Combo. Asking $500 plus shipping. Gift receipt included. Thnx for looking 20171227_174622 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM20171227_174649 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM20171227_174641 by Schlamil posted Dec 29, 2017 at 11:38 PM
  8. T

    Micro Center In Store Only - DJI Spark Fly More Combo $399 White only

    sale doesn't end till 12/31, been comfirmed store wide at this price at slickdeals. But only the alphine white version. Microcenter - DJI Spark - Alpine White - Fly More Combo - In-Store Only - $399.99 tempted to get a 2nd spark for my 14 year old son.
  9. C

    'Fly More' or Just buy the bits?

    I'm looking a buying a spark and wondered how many people buy the fly more combo or buying the spark and bits you need? I can save around £180 buy just buying the spark on it's own. A Battery and Controller is £110. are the props, guards, case and charger worth the extra £70? I think I'd buy...