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fly safe

  1. Roy Rogers

    !!Crashed My UAV in Sport Mode !!

    Don't get Complacent !! Fly SAFE!
  2. J

    Ras al khaimah UAE drone rules

    Hi! everyone , i just bought my spark and currently residing in ras alkhaimah uae I would like to know what are the steps that I need to do in order for me to fly without issues/worries with the authorities (police). TIA
  3. W

    Smack in the middle of a red zone

    So I've had my brick now for 3 days. I can't fly - at all - because of the restrictions DJI has placed on the device. Chat says to email support. Support says to fill out a form. There are 3 forms. none of them are mobile enabled, so you have to do it prior. And now I hear that you have to...