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  1. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark - The 1st Five Months (The best bits)

    A compilation of the best bits of the last five months with my DJI Spark. Local footage of the Athelstone, South Australia, area and footage taken during our Bali, Indonesia, holiday, 2018:
  2. X

    Another new video from the 11 year old kid

    Yep, here is the new one. Thanks for watching. Please remember to comment on youtube. Also, if you give me a like and subscribe, I would really appreciate it. Thanks and check it out.
  3. I

    Making money from drone footage- clipmining

    Don't know if already a word. But a good way to make some earnings from your existing footage is to clip-mine it and upload to a stock site. Using Story/videoblocks at the moment, anyone using any-other sites?
  4. E

    My first footage - UK

    Thought you guys might like to see this. A short selection from a couple of days of filming.