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go 4

  1. Hotwire

    Go 4.2.4 forgets my Sparks controllers ID

    In the previous Go 4 app version, I only needed the pair the Go 4 app with my Spark once but with the upgrade (v4.2.4) I have to re scan the QR code every time I got to use my Spark. Is there something I am neglecting to do or is this a bug in the app? Spark is so good now that the image has...
  2. ProfPaul

    Litchi vs. Autopilot vs. Go 4?

    I've seen a few posts that mention Litchi and Autopilot. Could someone who uses either or both of the alternative applications please explain them, as well as the pros and cons of Litchi and Autopilot versus DJI's Go 4 software?