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  1. A

    GPS error preventing RC Home Point

    Every time I try to use RC location for Home Point (rather than drone takeoff location) I get the above error message: Mobile Device GPS Signal is Too Weak. The RC has no GPS antenna so it is referring the the phone as the problem. But my phone's GPS works fine for maps and all other...
  2. B

    Atti to gps in restricted area?

    has anyone tried taking off with the Spark in atti mode in a restricted area? What happens if the drones catches the GPS signal? Does it fly away, outside of the restricted area, or does it land back to where it started safely?
  3. M

    Flight plans?

    How many of you create flight plans, especially before going in flying in a new area? Or flying with the intent on capturing a specific shot? I’m not talking about auto pilot or anything like that where you create a flight plan and your drone flies automatically, I’m more talking about looking...
  4. B

    OTG Cable, GPS and Android

    Yet another OTG Cable issue... I own an Android Google Pixel. I have no issues connecting the OTG cable to my phone. Everything is a go... Except when I take off, my phone in not showing that my Spark is connected to any Satellites. It simply reads N/A. Thus, I am not able to see my altitude...
  5. PaulArcher

    Mavic vs Spark stability and sound test

    Hello guys, I flew both my drones a few days ago in moderate wind conditions and recorded them in time to see what happens. I tracked both drones in after effects to check the graph of how much each deviates from their spot. Also recorded some sound. both seem pretty **** stable in GPS...
  6. B

    Quick shot stuck in Active track mode

    Hey guys, The first time I used my spark (with rc + Sony Xperia Z3) I clicked on the quick shot and selected active track. Now whenever I select quick shot it's always on active track and there's no way to toggle out of it. Any ideas why this is happening? Also, anyone know if there is a way...