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  1. R

    Super Noob

    Hi.. I was just given a Spark as a gift from my brother in law as he was buying a Mavic and was wondering where can I test fly my drone in nyc? Do I need to get a Drone license or permit to fly? Do I have to register my device?
  2. J

    Please help! Spark Antenna problem on main board!

    Hi guys, I recently did a DIY repair and all went well but one of the ‘plugs’ for the left antenna broke off the motherboard! Can anyone help! Photos attached! Photo 1- how it is meant to look Photo 2 and 3 - how it looks. I tried super glueing it on but the video cuts out after 2 metres :(...
  3. M

    Weird sounds that after 1-2 mins go away

    is it normal? has it happened to you?