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    OTG cable and iOS 17

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. My Spark has connected fine over OTG even with my iPhone 14 Pro Max until recently when I tried to connect and it failed. No connection and no charging of controller either over OTG. Green light on controller but not connected to iPhone. Tested with my iPad...
  2. D

    Building the ultimate app for drone pilots ??

    Hi everyone, We are working on developing the ultimate app for drone pilots for safe flying ? . No more switching between multiple apps! (Think of it as the best of Airmap and UAV Forecast combined into one with much more features ;)) We are looking for beta testers for the app. Fill out this...
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    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS

    DJI GO 4 updated to 4.2.8 on iOS. From the change log not much has been updated, some general bug fixes and better notifications, but there might be under the cover updates. Has anyone been brave enough to try it with their Spark yet?
  4. M

    Anyone use a dedicated device with Spark?

    I've seen a Youtuber suggest getting a dedicated device to use when flying the spark. I currently use my daily Pixel XL and it is always a hassle to turn off mobile data then connect via WIFI to the RC. Also, the cache stores takes up tons of room. Wondering if anyone else uses a dedicated...