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ipad mini 4

  1. Rammers1975

    iPad mini 4

    Hi , 1 .Does know if the iPad mini 4 fits in the spark remote without mods?? some people on you tube appear to use them but it’s not clear if they have adapted the Remote . 2. Is also the iPad mini 4 good for editing the 1080 30 fps footage ??? I don’t own a lap top or computer Thanks
  2. John MacAulay

    OTG cables for Ipad mini 4 and Spark Remote

    I realize there has been many questions and answers here on this subject, but after all the searching and reading, I'm still confused about the proper set up of a new Ipad mini 4 (just ordered) and my spark controller. I tried a brand new Asus tablet which led to a 1 second lag on the video feed...
  3. Nikon1

    Spark Remote Controller DOES Fit iPad Mini 4

    I remember people asking if the RC arms would open wide enough to accept an iPad Mini 4 as the display. Unfortunately, based on my FlyMore Combo, they will not. Thankfully I have the Skytreat iPad holder from my Mavic and that fits like a glove. Just a Heads Up. Good Flying! FOLLOW THE...