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  1. M

    OTG cable and iOS 17

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help. My Spark has connected fine over OTG even with my iPhone 14 Pro Max until recently when I tried to connect and it failed. No connection and no charging of controller either over OTG. Green light on controller but not connected to iPhone. Tested with my iPad...
  2. S

    Backup of flight logs - NEWBIE

    If I don’t log in to DJI account, I understand that a flight log will only be created locally on my iPhone 8. Is there an option to export all this data to a file? On a related note, I have iMazing backup software that allows restore of an app, as well as the app data…can anybody think of a...
  3. O

    New DJI Pilot VR Advice

    Hey everyone, Just purchased my first DJI product (spark obviously) pretty excited I went with the fly more package. I have both a Galaxy s8 and iPhone 6+. After reading through the forum I am going to use the 6+ strictly for flying because of some of the issues and better optimization for iOS...
  4. J

    Cannot see RC Wifi to connect to phone

    Hi Guys Wishing you can help me, i cannot see the RC wifi name in my phone, I only connected to my phone one time and after the last update im not able to see the RC wifi in my phone anymore. I already tested pressing the botton per 9 seconds in the controller and still the Wifi is not in the...