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  1. J

    Never mind Downtown Abbey, check out this 16th Century English Manor by Sparky!

    This is a little small walk I enjoy near me in Liverpool, UK. Stunning little escape!:) If you have seen any of my previous videos you will know I love filming a variety of places with my beautiful little Spark:) Check them out out if you fancy it, would be much appreciated! All the shots near...
  2. J

    Abandoned Victorian Orphanage by Sparky

    Good evening! :) I thought I'd share my latest little video, as it's been a little while since I've posted something. Found in Liverpool, I didn't actually realise that this place existed, however upon discovery and research I have been amazed by the interesting history entailed within this...
  3. J

    :) Amateur Movie Made Entirely with DJI Spark! Well, my channel promo;) Check It Out! :D

    Hi here! I'm a few months in now to flying my Spark, and flying in general and still loving it! :). I still have sooooo much to learn, but I've been visiting and filming all my favourite local places. It's only a bit of fun, but if you could check out the video I would much appreciate it! :)...
  4. J

    Abandoned Places and Ruined Castles DJI SPARK

    Hi there, Please check out my videos, I'm rather new to it but I have made a little youtube channel to post my DJI Spark explorations on. If anyone would subscribe I would REALLY appreciate it! Much love, happy flying! :) Ruins and Abandoned Places - YouTube