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  1. J

    Watching and Chasing Ships as they pass by a 'Middle Ages' port. Sparky <3

    Heyyy! I really hope you enjoy my little video! :) If anyone could make somebody happy today and subscribe to my YouTube channel I would REALLY, VERY MUCH appreciate it! I really need to make 100, just so I can personalize my URL. Sad I know lol, but it would mean an awful lot! :p Thank you...
  2. J

    Millions!! of Daffodils! And a Poet! :) Beauty in the eye of a Spark;)

    Please forgive the cheesy title, I'm exhausted from a long couple of days work and my mind isn't working to well at the moment:p I've filmed and posted another video of this place, but in the snow. I'm not sure which is more beautiful a scene? I couldn't nearly capture the amount of yellow...
  3. J

    First Ever Designated Country Park in Britain! Perfect View! From England to Wales :)

    Hi there! Check out this if you have a couple of minutes, the view over the river Dee, UK, separating England from Wales. It's a beautiful spot for a walk, or a fly, and going there with my old friend yesterday was a great little unwind! It's only rather a quick edit, as I've been in work all...
  4. J

    Abandoned 'Art-Deco' Factory used in World War Two by Sparky

    This abandoned building is literally about 5 minutes drive from where I live so I couldn't resist making a little 'movie' when practicing with my Spark a few weeks ago. The building is very interesting, unfortunately I could not go inside it, but the external (and internal) designs are pretty...
  5. J

    Using the Spark to make a Pub Promotional video (Inside and Out)

    I've been flying the Spark and making little videos for just over a month now, but when I first started my friend asked me to try doing a little video for the pub he manages. This is an early edit so it's not the best, but it did actually work to bring some attention to the business! Here it is...
  6. J

    Ruins of 'Shakespeare's' Welsh Castle built in 1277 all by DJI Spark:)

    This is a video I made a few weeks ago, it literally was a 'flying visit', I had about half an hour there unfortunately:( There are a few shots I would probably redo, but the castle is well worth visiting! Shakespeare's play Richard II features this castle for a major scene, which makes it all...
  7. J

    Abandoned Castle in the middle of 'Magical' Woods All filmed by Spark

    Hello there! :) I filmed this the other day when I went to visit my parents. Found just in North Wales, UK, this is one of my favourite local places to visit! I recently started a YouTube channel with similar videos of beautiful (and interesting) places worth visiting. The hard part of all...
  8. J

    Beautiful Sunrise at Thor's Stone in the Wirral, all caught by Sparky;)

    I posted a couple of videos earlier, this is a slightly older one, I'd only been flying the Spark (first time pilot) a few weeks. I think it just goes to show that you really don't need much skill or experience to capture some beautiful footage! I still have not tried different filter settings...