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  1. F

    Who has the authority to tell you that you can't fly a drone in an area?

    Hi everyone. First of all, this is purely hypothetical. I'm a mild mannered person and not looking for a confrontation. If I'm flying in an area, and someone asks me to not fly over their property, I'm either just agreeing to leave or asking nicely to finish capturing something I feel is...
  2. Z

    Montenegro recreational: yes or no?

    Hello, I'm in June going on holiday to Montenegro and wonder if I should take my spark with me because the information I find on the internet is very confusing. On one side I find this link: Montenegro Drone Laws | UAV Systems International So no problem On the other hand I find this info...
  3. M

    DJI Spark in Serbia

    Hi all , i am going to travel again to Serbia and this time i sent an email to the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia asking them for more information. I found a couple of articles like this one: Flying a drone in Serbia • Travelling to Belgrade with a drone • Flat Vertical...
  4. M

    The train in the tunnel and it is headed our way

    I am lucky that my local Library subscribes to 'Rotor Drone Magazine', the July/August 2017 issue has two priceless articles for drone owners. The first is on studying and passing the 107 test. The most important one though is about, WHY THE DRONE INDUSTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP. It is about the new...