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  1. G

    Help with interpreting crash (and suggestions for fixing it)

    HI all, recently I had a bad crash which ended up with a broken arm (the spark front-right, not mine!), but I'd like confirmation from the experts here on what really happened. [You can skip the part in blue if you want] A bit of context: many months ago I had another hard crash (I know, I...
  2. theletter3

    Spark Sudden Signal Loss and Fly Away

    Hi All, I just made an account in the hope that someone can review my flight log and let me know if I'm missing something that could help me find my drone. On August 2nd I had a strong signal, suddenly lost signal, initiated RTH, and then the drone reported a compass error and disconnected for...
  3. Soar Like an Eagle

    Where can I check for logs of my first flight?

    Hello nice people, today, after 7 days I've received my Spark, I did my first flight. It was not so exciting, but that's ok, I think. My question: does exist some nice app (webapp, Mac, Wind) to upload data I've got from my Spark and watch it at home? Thanks!