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  1. DartME

    Flying to London | Several questions

    Hey there, Londoners! I have a question, are there any restrictions on flying a drone? Where I shouldn't fly my spark, because of Jammers, etc?
  2. Liamski

    Was worth getting up early for!

    Been a while since we had a decent amount of snow over South London so a very early start to get some shots paid off!
  3. Liamski

    Getting much more comfortable with the Spark!

    The Spark never ceases to amaze me. Had a Phantom IIIs but it was too bulky to be practical to take anywhere. Took the Spark to Mitcham Common, and despite very strong wind got some decent shots! Edited with GoPro Quik
  4. Liamski

    Mitcham Common, South London

    Editing isn't perfect but first real video from my Spark. Wanted to capture the amazing Autumn colours on Mitcham Common, South London.