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lost control

  1. S

    All of a sudden "ADDI" MODE

    Out flying yesterday before work and about 3 minutes into flight that was going real well the remote states ADDI more and my Spark goes crazy. Was flying in regular mode but after the change it went automatically to sport mode and proceeds to almost crash itself. Had a hard time controlling it...
  2. W

    SPARK has gone

    Dear users, i'm a spark user since 2 years now. Yesterday night, I did the last update for me spark and decided to fly for a short time. My drone took off and then became crazy. It flew away and I couldn't control it, it decided to fly away for me even if I pressed the home return button, the...
  3. Scott White

    Fly away in Gesture Mode

    So had a hell of a scare this evening. I hand launched my Spark in gesture mode. It started gaining altitude going until I believe about 100 feet up. Maybe higher. Of course, not being that tall it was basically on its own. I grabbed the remote hoping to gain control of the aircraft. It...