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lost drone

  1. S

    Spark is gone :( Pls help analyzing flight record

    Hello. Long time lurker. On Monday night I lost my done. This has been the saddest week of my life. I took off and waited for it to record the Home Point. After that I flew it in one direction. Within 1-2 minutes I lost video feed. Then compass. Then gps. It said magnetic interference. By this...
  2. _.jacobt._

    Ways to possibly recover a lost DJi Spark (or any other drone)

    *DISCLAIMER/INFO THIS MAY BE IN THE WRONG SECTION, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SO! There are quite a few ways of losing a drone, but there are also ways to recover one. Here are a couple of ways or techniques of recovering a lost drone, whether it be a flyaway or a crash. 1. Put a label on your...
  3. M

    Drone lost & can't find.

    First time poster, so I apologies if something like this has be posted before but I had a little look but couldn't see anything. Bit of a long story but please stay with me as I'd really like some input on this as I'm pretty upset and pissed all in one. - So today I lost my DJI Spark forever...