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lost drone

  1. T

    Lost Spark over water, Find my drone says it landed on dry land.

    Hi. I am helping my son to find MY Spark drone. :) He was flying over water to test a range extender, when suddenly all types of warnings appeared on his android phone. (Huawei 10 lite) Flight record show that the drone disappeared over the lake with zero speed, find my drone place the drone on...
  2. J

    Lost spark today. Only brought 4 days ago.

    Today I lost my spark. It was a sunny day and wind conditions were fine but as the drone was flying around it looks as if the wind had just lifted it up. It went to over 500ft. After about 1 minute of this happening the drone and the lost connection with the controller and defaulted to return to...
  3. W

    SPARK has gone

    Dear users, i'm a spark user since 2 years now. Yesterday night, I did the last update for me spark and decided to fly for a short time. My drone took off and then became crazy. It flew away and I couldn't control it, it decided to fly away for me even if I pressed the home return button, the...
  4. S

    Spark is gone :( Pls help analyzing flight record

    Hello. Long time lurker. On Monday night I lost my done. This has been the saddest week of my life. I took off and waited for it to record the Home Point. After that I flew it in one direction. Within 1-2 minutes I lost video feed. Then compass. Then gps. It said magnetic interference. By this...
  5. _.jacobt._

    Ways to possibly recover a lost DJi Spark (or any other drone)

    *DISCLAIMER/INFO THIS MAY BE IN THE WRONG SECTION, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF SO! There are quite a few ways of losing a drone, but there are also ways to recover one. Here are a couple of ways or techniques of recovering a lost drone, whether it be a flyaway or a crash. 1. Put a label on your...
  6. M

    Drone lost & can't find.

    First time poster, so I apologies if something like this has be posted before but I had a little look but couldn't see anything. Bit of a long story but please stay with me as I'd really like some input on this as I'm pretty upset and pissed all in one. - So today I lost my DJI Spark forever...