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  1. J

    Lost spark today. Only brought 4 days ago.

    Today I lost my spark. It was a sunny day and wind conditions were fine but as the drone was flying around it looks as if the wind had just lifted it up. It went to over 500ft. After about 1 minute of this happening the drone and the lost connection with the controller and defaulted to return to...
  2. F

    Help with drone in Lisboa/Lisboa/Portugal

    Hi there I really need some help from drone owners in Lisbon/Portugal. I was visiting Lisbon for the long weekend with my wife and managed to get my drone in LITERALLY the last 30min of my trip. It lost GPS in the Alfama and landed on top of one of the small buildings there. Unfortunately, I...
  3. Maik Kellerhals

    Requiem For A Drone (The River claimed my Spark)

    It's gone. But don't worry, replacement is ordered...
  4. B

    I Lost My DJI Spark

    Hi. Yesterday I had an incident with my DJI spark. I started to fly with full battery and with the remote controller. I flew a bit after that I enabled the function "dronie", after completion I began to fly to myself, after few seconds I saw that I had lost connection with the drone, but I tried...
  5. tomchipps

    Identifying your Spark after loss

    As well as placing labels outside and inside the Spark IE (FAA Registered ,123bla456blabla) also a reward label along with phone numbers. I also removed the micro SD card and placed a text message on it labeled "IF FOUND.txt" and in the text message, reward info , phone numbers, etc, etc...
  6. Q

    SPARK Found Glendale, AZ

    Found a DJI Spark Drone Saturday 3/10/18 in Glendale AZ. Let me know if this is yours You will need to tell me: Where you lost it Color WiFi name WiFi Password you will have to pick it up or delivery fee
  7. M

    Drone lost & can't find.

    First time poster, so I apologies if something like this has be posted before but I had a little look but couldn't see anything. Bit of a long story but please stay with me as I'd really like some input on this as I'm pretty upset and pissed all in one. - So today I lost my DJI Spark forever...
  8. R

    Lost Dji spark. My fault?

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could tell me if this was my fault that my dji spark failed to return home and fell into the ocean. After doing the function "dronie", I commanded it to return home but it immediately lost connection and I was unable to reconnect therefore, it didn't land...