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  1. O

    Mavic camera swap?

    Anyone ever attempted swapping the Mavic pro camera module in a spark. Looking at pics online, they seem very similar.
  2. JoostGT3

    Filming paragliders - Increase visibility

    Last weekend, I filmed some paragliding buddies of mine! Afterward, I talked with the guy whom I had been filming, and -despite the fact that he knew I was around- he hadn't seen or heard me the entire time. We took a lot of precautions to keep it safe, but it got me thinking; what would be...
  3. ProfPaul

    Buffalo/Niagara, NY, Area DJI Groups?

    Are there any DJI Spark or Mavic (or other DJI) groups in the Buffalo/Niagara area? I would enjoy getting together with fellow DJI flyers. I will return to Lockport, NY, in early December from Singapore, where I'm currently teaching. I'm bringing a Spark I bought here in Singapore home, and I...
  4. PaulArcher

    Mavic vs Spark stability and sound test

    Hello guys, I flew both my drones a few days ago in moderate wind conditions and recorded them in time to see what happens. I tracked both drones in after effects to check the graph of how much each deviates from their spot. Also recorded some sound. both seem pretty **** stable in GPS...
  5. CaptainDrone

    Backpack for Spark & Mavic Pro

    Here is a short video I made of the backpack I use to transport the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro. This really makes life easy when travelling or hiking.