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  1. J

    Need help indentifying a connector for battery

    Hello, I recently purchased one of those DJI Spark battery mod adapters from uavmods co uk. All of the photos that I have seen of this adapter appear to show it having possibly an XT60 plug. However, when uavmods shipped my adapter piece to me, it has a different plug on the end of it, and it...
  2. DartME

    Increase battery life

    Hello, Spark Pilots. I have a question, is it possible to disassemble spark battery, and change it to a bigger one. Like, is there anywhere, a battery, which has a bigger amount of Mah's, but with around the same size, as the battery inside of Spark's Intelligent Battery?
  3. U

    Another case mod: charging everything in the case :)

    Having bought the fly more combo + 4 additional batteries and an extra hub charger I couldn't find a decent case. I prefer to keep everything in a tidy case, with the possibility of charging all of the batteries (6), the RC and the phone while kept in the case . So I ordered a small Chinese case...