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  1. E

    Droning Mountains & Rivers in Utah - DJI Mini 2 - 4k Green River, UT

  2. B

    Yet more videos in San Andres Huayapam, Oaxaca, Mexico...

    Well, I'm not travelling at all, so I might as well learn to get the best angles and videos, etc... Huayapam clip from ver.16 flight: Huayapam clip from ver.17 flight:
  3. Baqca Sanke

    Beautiful Laurel River In the Blue Ridge Mountains (also teaching my friend to fly a Spark)

    My old buddy rolled through town for a day so we went for a hike and he tried his hand at flying my Spark. I also got some nice footage of the mountains with my Mavic
  4. Baqca Sanke

    THAW - (Self Isolation in the Woods) a short film

    thanks to this here community i got my little birdy flying again after almost 9 months of being grounded. With all this Covid19 stress i needed to get out and go see some nature. I shot this in the Appalachian mountains of NC. I made the music this past January for "Jamuary 2020". Hope you enjoy...
  5. lysak2003

    Mountains and Castles

    Hello friends! It is definitely true all we love mountains and castles. Another one trip, full of adventures and emotions, to the Borderland - Ukrainian Carpathians. Hope you enjoy! There are following locations: ... 00:01 Chervonogorod Castle 00:22 mount Zhandarm (1763 m) Dragobrat region...
  6. Baqca Sanke

    "Little Places" - short film using spark (Western North Carolina)

    I made this a little while back but wanted to post it here to the spark forums because this was the first real time i used the spark for footage that i later used in a short film. I was amazed at the quality of the video the spark records. It was all filmed in one day. There was no plan. I just...
  7. Cragcloud

    Flying above the Le Tour Glacier

    Hi all Took my Spark with me, when climbing around the Le Tour Glacier near Mont Blanc in the French Alps. Other cameras included. Feedback is very welcome
  8. NacMacFeegle

    Flying over Peshastin Pinnacles

    Peshastin Pinnacles are a collection of spectacular sandstone formations in the North Cascades.
  9. NacMacFeegle

    Eyes on Mt. St. Helens - Episode #1

    This is the first episode in a 6 month video series that I will be creating over the course of the summer to show the changing seasons in the Mt. St. Helens Blast Zone. A lot of time went into filming this!