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  1. JoostGT3

    Te koop/For sale: Spark FMC + Portable Charging Station (Netherlands only)

    Although I really love ol' Sparky, I have a Mav Mini and an M2Pro as well, so I'm putting my Spark including FMC and Portable charging station up for sale. (For Dutch only). See classified at the Dutch selling website Marktplaats: LINK
  2. JoostGT3

    Chasing a windsurfer... would you do this with a Spark?

    Hi all, Last weekend, I was out windsurfing with a friend of mine. After a while, I decided to exchange board for drone and tried filming my friend while he was out on his board. As there was nobody else on the lake, I was flying low. Because my friend was sometimes (gusty winds) going more than...
  3. Tim Uiterwijk

    Only dammed lake in NL

    Hy guys, just joined the site. Going through the topics now but thought I start of with a video of my own. This is the only dammed lake in the Netherlands and it was still partly frozen when I flew over it. Quite happy with the outcome. All filmed with the DJI Spark and edited in Shortcut...