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night footage

  1. lemieszek

    Long exposure time lapse at night

    Here's a first attempt at an aerial time lapse at night. Turned out pretty decent in the first few seconds. Got quite blurry as the gimbal moved up towards 0º. Used Litchi with a speed of 0.5 kph between waypoints, manual exposure at iso 100 and 2s, one photo every 4s (was actually a little...
  2. 41Flyer

    2019 4th of July Fireworks

    Nice clear night. I spent a few hours scouting areas to shoot where I would be close but also away from people. Kittyhawk reported wind at 9mph with 13mph gusts. Drone did not have any problems with the wind and neither did the mosquitos. Google estimates I was about 2000 feet from the source...
  3. NacMacFeegle

    Creepy night flight in a snow storm! Crashed into a tree.

    This was a tricky one to film! I used flashlights to illuminate the snow covered trees at night, and for part of the time I was flying through a heavy snow storm. The spark did great, but for one of the shots I was flying towards the headlights of a parked car when the collision detector...
  4. bath1968

    Night Flying Again.....

    3rd night flight after update, just loving what this little drone can do. Having no issues since update. Fly more combo Latest Android Sony Xperia ZX OTG cable :)
  5. bath1968

    Ipswich at Night

    Another night flight with the new Firmware and DJI Go app update. Happy to report no issues.:)
  6. bath1968

    Catching the Train (second night flight)

    Second night flight at the train station. Loving my Spark
  7. bath1968

    First Night Flight.....

    First time at night, sorry for the fast panning forgot to use tripod. What a great little drone, loving using it.:) Using auto camera Remote+OTG Sony Xperia ZX running latest android. Thanks for watching. David
  8. Jawis

    City One, Hong Kong

    The sensor on the Spark is a little better than I anticipated. With the right lighting conditions (dusk) at 400iso , the noise still looks pretty clean. 1s shutter worked nicely. Taken just after a lull in a storm so conditions were not windy.
  9. C

    Spark Night Time Flight-Footage

    Well, I was up anyway-might as well make a video lol. I originally wanted to do a "mavic vs spark" night time comparison, but I didn't realize that you can't see the video settings after the fact (ISO) and I didn't write them down, so I have no idea what the settings were as I was changing them...