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night photo

  1. NacMacFeegle

    Creepy night flight in a snow storm! Crashed into a tree.

    This was a tricky one to film! I used flashlights to illuminate the snow covered trees at night, and for part of the time I was flying through a heavy snow storm. The spark did great, but for one of the shots I was flying towards the headlights of a parked car when the collision detector...
  2. bath1968

    First night flight with IOS

    First night flight since going over to the darkside IOS. Must say the best decision since the purchase of my Spark..:) Spark Ipad mini 2 OTG Remote
  3. bath1968

    Night Flying Again.....

    3rd night flight after update, just loving what this little drone can do. Having no issues since update. Fly more combo Latest Android Sony Xperia ZX OTG cable :)
  4. Jawis

    City One, Hong Kong

    The sensor on the Spark is a little better than I anticipated. With the right lighting conditions (dusk) at 400iso , the noise still looks pretty clean. 1s shutter worked nicely. Taken just after a lull in a storm so conditions were not windy.
  5. Jawis

    First Night Flight

    Since I got the Spark we've had nothing but stormy weather here. I managed to get a bit of dry time this evening. GPS sync with Spark was really quick. Not very windy when I got out. I could get 1s shutter at 800iso. This is a good start for this tiny little thing! Photo has been through a...