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    Drone Regulations in Norway

    hello, is there anybody here who have ever fly his Spark in Norway? I'll go for a holiday trip to Bergen. I'm a private person, do you know that I need to fill the following form (my drone is under RO-1 category) to get the flight permit or not? NF-1114 Deklarasjonsskjema for oppstart som...
  2. C

    Checking out a pretty cool statue from the air (vlog and an update on #steve)

    A few days ago I asked the internet to help me out. My friend´s brother Steve had just gotten brain cancer again and my friend asked me if I could help him cheer his brother up. So I posted a video and the response has been incredible. I´ve received clips from all over the world now and still...
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    Holiday Special Pt II Practicing continuous shots.

    The spark has many helpful features like the quick shots and the auto tracking, but I´ve been wanting to make videos with longer continuous "free hand" shots, I´m thinking it´s a good way to improve my piloting skills. Not having a 3 axis gimbal, makes this a little more of a challenge I think.
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    Introducing Sparky 2.0 (a holiday special)

    Some of you might remember my story of how I drowned Sparky in the river... Sad. But, my subscribers came through, we raised just about enough in donations and Sparky 2.0 was in my warm embrace by Christmas! A holiday miracle indeed. I got a third battery as well, having just two and a charger...
  5. C

    Dog attacking drone?

    Tira is a strange dog, a Gordon Setter, a hunting dog, she hates the rain and is not afraid of fireworks or drones, she´ll try to catch and eat both. We came really close to an accident off camera, but my daughter was hella woke and averted the crisis. Phew
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    Thank you for your continuous support. It means a lot to me. A little behind the scenes for you from my first official commercial project. BTW If you have a dead cat laying around, DM me on IG for my address. A special thank you to Ken Heron for taking his time to give me some great advice...
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    The Frogner Park is outside the no fly zone. I spent the day there with my daughter, spoke Chinese and we also brought the DJI Spark. Apparently after the last firmware update, I should be able to shoot 4K in quick shot mode, I haven't tried it yet, have any of you?
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    Coffee, Flamingo and Street Art (DJI SPARK SANDEFJORD NORWAY)

    Just a short vacation vlog, let me know what you think.