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otg android

  1. Soar Like an Eagle

    OTG. I've not understood very well some things.

    Hello people, I've been reading DJI forum for a while but I've not clear what OTG, on an Android device, can do. I've a S7 Edge, and I've used an OTG connector to connect my phone to RC and I've noticed that it was recognized by DJI Go. My question is: What is the main reason to use an OTG...
  2. A

    Spark, Android and live stream to Facebook

    Hi everyone, I'm new here just bought a spark few weeks ago and I'm learning how to operate it, I tried to find a solution for streaming live to Facebook with andAndr phone for example, the only way spark will give u the option to stream live is when the android phone is connect to the remote...
  3. B

    OTG Cable, GPS and Android

    Yet another OTG Cable issue... I own an Android Google Pixel. I have no issues connecting the OTG cable to my phone. Everything is a go... Except when I take off, my phone in not showing that my Spark is connected to any Satellites. It simply reads N/A. Thus, I am not able to see my altitude...
  4. ZPFunk

    There will be official OTG support!

    Maybe someone has already pointed this out, but it seems as if we will be getting official otg support from DJI from the spark as opposed to having to use 4.1.15, or being told "quit complaining if it doesnt work, it is not officially supported". I found this notation (pictured below, and...