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  1. nilanjan118

    Microsoft ICE - Image Composite Editor - FIXED!!

    I am sure many are using this software to stitch their pano shots. So I need some help. I have found that this software works for 360 degree panorama i.e. stitching 46 shots together. However, I haven't been able to use it for a horizontal 9 shots panorama. The software simply fails to organise...
  2. Northwood Mediaworks

    Time to bring in the hay - pano

    So after a week of waiting to fly, despite some strong winds here, I managed to get up for two flights. We have a neighbor come in and cut then bale the hay, he gets to keep it, we get to keep our fields open, and we also get two free-range organically raised turkeys near the end of the year...
  3. Justin

    Red Wharf Bay, Anglesey, North Wales Panoramic

    We were up visiting friends at the weekend on Anglesey and had some great weather so would have been rude not to break Sparky out for a dance. I couldn't for the life of me remember which app I created the bigger panos I had done previously so I did it using Lightroom's photomerge options. I...
  4. N

    Spherical Pano

    Huntington WV a quaint college town noted for it's church row Shot with the Spark
  5. T

    DJI Go4 - 360 Pano stitching fails on Galaxy S5

    As the title says, the stiching fails on a Galaxy S5. I've tried two phones, and the same result. I does work on an S8 though. Anyone else seen this? In short, the 'mini world' view is all squashed up in the center. See attached. I have pinged DJI support on the FaceBook :-) I have...
  6. Y

    DJI Media Maker suddenly stopped working for creating spark pano pics

    Hi all, Last night I was using DJI Media Maker to create some spark panoramic pics as I usually do. I ve been using it for around one month with amazing results. I created 2 panos with no issue, then on the third pano, it ran until only missing 29-25 sec and then errors out, it only says...
  7. I

    Whoaaa This Sphere Pano Update is Awesome.

    How to do the sphere thing & firmware update V01 00 0701 Awesome addition to the Sparks Armoury...If only you could share the end result..
  8. ProfPaul

    Poolside BBQ in Singapore - Spark Pano

    Took this pano with the Spark to show my friends where my apartment's poolside BBQ is here in Singapore in advance of a party.
  9. I

    Using DJI Spark PANO Mode..Prop Shadow?!

    Tried out shooting PANO mode, Stitching in DJI GO4 App & Lightroom. What you using? Getting Prop shadow? I didn't notice until back on a big screen.
  10. MileHighSi

    Impatiently awaiting Sphere Mode

    Really looking forward to the .700 firmware update, which is said to facilitate Sphere Mode. Really hoping that (like the other pano modes) the originals all get saved to the SD card. In the meantime I've tried my own, although I need to find a way to fix the central pinch point. Sunset at Eco...
  11. AeroMirage

    Spark Pano.... wow!

    Finally got around to shooting a pano with Sparkie. Pretty impressive. Seamless stitching. Not a very good sunset, but this was a practice run. (I cropped off the bottom 40% as it was all dark sub-horizon)
  12. C

    180 Pano Mode How-To And Examples (It's super easy!)

    Made a quick video about the new 180 pano mode, it works very well! I was most surprised about how it gets rid of the props...