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  1. nilanjan118

    First AEB shots

    I tried the AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) mode in Spark for the first time yesterday and was pretty amazed with the results. Sharing a couple of images below. Note: I used a software called HDRsoft Photomatix to merge the bracketed images.
  2. G

    Infrared black and white photography

    It's become an important part of my photographic repertoire on the ground. Now that I'm beginning to fly my Spark, I am anxious to able to continue this from an aerial perspective. I can explain the technical stuff another time, but here's my problem. In order to just let just infrared rays...
  3. Chappie Chappeau

    Photoshop And PowerPoint Production At The Beach

    Colors edited with Photoshop. Timing and Animation produced with PowerPoint.
  4. Aleksandar

    Testing my new drone... It's inception time!

    I wanted to add something new to my photography portfolio and made the decision to buy DJI S park. I must say that this drone is better than i expected!