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raw footage

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    Activetrack Raw Footage

    So while testing out a new bike mount that holds the controller and phone, I decided to get together a short video of raw footage while using activetrack! Pretty impressive, and it only lost me twice in about 10 minutes of flying/tracking. More on the controller mount later, and some funny...
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    Spark Night Time Flight-Footage

    Well, I was up anyway-might as well make a video lol. I originally wanted to do a "mavic vs spark" night time comparison, but I didn't realize that you can't see the video settings after the fact (ISO) and I didn't write them down, so I have no idea what the settings were as I was changing them...
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    Raw Footage from Quickshots-Plus Flying In High Wind!

    It was really windy! As for flying in the wind, it did great. Some of the shots however, could have been better. I will be trying again with less wind (when I can haha). All footage is unedited, btw. Camera settings were left on "auto"