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    Happy Holidays from CO

    Hello Pilots! Just got a Spark and was curious about flying restrictions since it's such a small UAS. I'm in the Boulder/Front Range area and am aware of the strict laws in place (even for such a small UAS?). I was more curious about pilots experiences in the mountains and back country. If...
  2. A

    Taking Spark with you to India

    Hi, I am curious if anyone in this forum has experience taking Spark to India. Googling a bit shows that many had challenges in getting through airport security and customs with drones in their checked/carry on baggage. Do you think Spark will also have similar challenges, considering it's...
  3. M

    The train in the tunnel and it is headed our way

    I am lucky that my local Library subscribes to 'Rotor Drone Magazine', the July/August 2017 issue has two priceless articles for drone owners. The first is on studying and passing the 107 test. The most important one though is about, WHY THE DRONE INDUSTRY NEEDS YOUR HELP. It is about the new...