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rock climbing

  1. Cragcloud

    Rock climbing hard overhanging rocks in Germany!

    Hi all I brought my DJI Spark with me on a sport climbing trip to Ith in Germany, where my friend gave a shot on one of the harder routes. Check it out! Feedback is very welcome :)
  2. Cragcloud

    Video: Rock Climbing in the beautiful Norwegian mountains

    Hi all I brought my Spark up in to the mountains in Norway to shoot a rock climbing video. Feedback is very welcome
  3. Cragcloud

    Video: Kids Rock Climbing

    Hi all I should a video of the kids doing some rock climbing with their friends a couple of weekends ago. I used the DJI Spark to supplement the video with some arial shots. Feedback is very welcome :)
  4. Cragcloud

    Cinematic rock climbing video

    Hi all I visited the area of Ith in Germany to do some rock climbing and brought my DJI Spark amongst other camera gear to shoot a rock climbing video. I applied a cinematic look and combined shots from the DJI Spark with other cameras. Enjoy. Feedback is very welcome!
  5. Cragcloud

    Rock climbing on Costa Blanca in Spain

    Hi all I had the pleasure to travel to Costa Blanca in Spain to do some rock climbing and brought my DJI Spark. Here is the result: Feedback on how I can improve is very welcome :)