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  1. Hotwire

    New Rules - Same Battle

    For those that haven't heard, the polys are trying to walk over us and CASA. We need to act now. This is the website to have your say: CASA RPAS New Proposed Rules
  2. Z

    Montenegro recreational: yes or no?

    Hello, I'm in June going on holiday to Montenegro and wonder if I should take my spark with me because the information I find on the internet is very confusing. On one side I find this link: Montenegro Drone Laws | UAV Systems International So no problem On the other hand I find this info...
  3. Hotwire

    Flying in National Parks in Australia

    If you are coming for a holiday in Australia or you live here this map is a beauty.
  4. B

    Happy Holidays from CO

    Hello Pilots! Just got a Spark and was curious about flying restrictions since it's such a small UAS. I'm in the Boulder/Front Range area and am aware of the strict laws in place (even for such a small UAS?). I was more curious about pilots experiences in the mountains and back country. If...
  5. I

    New Drone laws hitting the UK

    Looks like new drone law hitting in 2018. What are you thoughts?