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  1. J

    Obstacle avoidance

    Hey guys. So, here I am trying to fly my spark indoors and noticed that when I pointed my phone camera in front of the drone the infrared sensor for the obstacle avoidance is not on ( even it is on in the settings and not in sports mode). So I tried to fly it close to the wall and it is not...
  2. D

    Advanced Settings Problems ~

    I just received my Spark Fly More set-up the other day. I set everything up, did the firmware updates and the linking the Drone and Controller to the phone and everything worked fine with the test flight in my backyard. When i go into my main settings and click on the little drone. Then scroll...
  3. E

    Is there any way to get past the 16 foot inside height?

    I need to fly my Spark inside often and some of the places are not well lit, in those dim places the Spark refuses to go above 16 feet no matter what I do. Some of these indoor areas are at least 40-70 feet tall inside and I need to film near the ceiling. Anyone have any tricks to get past this...
  4. R

    Forward vision obstacle distance oscillating to 1 foot

    While flying inside the house, the forward obstacle distance keeps oscillating from the real distance (say 12 feet) to 1 foot. This fluctuation occurs about every 1/2 second. The DJI Go 4 app shows forward vision sensors "Normal". I've seen references to calibrating the vision sensors on the...