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  1. Pe11e

    Clean night images with ISO 1600? No problem :)

    As we all know, Sparky doesn't have a very good sensor, resolution on 100% zoom is quite bad, and it's prone to high noise levels at higher ISO values. Took these with ISO 1600, shutter was 1/8 or 1/6, the air wasn't calm by any means so I had to keep "shorter" shutter speeds. It was pretty...
  2. Wanderer

    Spark auto exposure sucks

    I am flying camera drones since a couple of years now and I am very disappointed with the auto exposure feature of the Spark. It does a poor job compared to a GoPro or even a Mobius or a 30 EUR FPV Runcam. All of these cams handle auto exposure quite well and in many cases almost unnoticeable...