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  1. D

    Little Spark Adventure @ Marina Bay, The Iconic landmark of Singapore

    #Credits# Music: Everdream By Cesc Vilà POI: Marina Bay, Singapore - Wikipedia
  2. D

    Little Spark Adventure @ East Coast Park

    Greeting from Singapore, as always having fun flying over water :p #Credits# Music: Inuuro & Zimpzon - Air POI: East Coast Park - Wikipedia
  3. ProfPaul

    Poolside BBQ in Singapore - Spark Pano

    Took this pano with the Spark to show my friends where my apartment's poolside BBQ is here in Singapore in advance of a party.
  4. ProfPaul

    Hi from Singapore

    I've been flying my Spark in Singapore since mid-September. Heading home to the USA the start of December. Hi!