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  1. N

    Wrapgrade Skin for Spark...thoughts...?

    I just ordered these unique skins from Japan. They posted here a couple time here but unfortunately, I haven't seen much "marketing" from them nor much "general" information online, youtube or anywhere other than their own videos. Seems like very quality product and I will be doing a review of...
  2. R

    Skin wont work with prop guards

    I got a skin cover from Decal Girl, and covered the Spark. The skin was well done, and looks great, however would not allow use of the propeller guards. The extra thickness around the motor mounts made the diameter too large to accept the guard. After removing the motor mount wrap, I found...
  3. Skyler King

    Here's my Spark with a custom skin from DecalGirl.com

    Neon Yellow and Navy checkers. Excellent services from DecalGirl, no I get nothing for saying this nice things because they are VERY GOOD PEOPLE, with GREAT customer service. They are in Delaware. www.DecalGirl.com The purpose of skins, as far as I am concerned is protection and visibility...