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  1. V

    Video Snow 2019

    La mia visione del nuovo anno Good vision!
  2. Liamski

    Was worth getting up early for!

    Been a while since we had a decent amount of snow over South London so a very early start to get some shots paid off!
  3. NacMacFeegle

    Soaring over the Snow - video/photo gallery

    It's really difficult to get nice aerial footage of landscapes in Southwest Washington. However, a fresh blanket of snow makes everything look scenic and even spectacular! I've published a gallery of my best photos from Sunday on my blog: Illuminations from the attic: Soaring over the Snow -...
  4. Austevik Dronefoto

    Spark | Drone in the Drain

    Went out to fly and found a drainpipe. Seemed like a good idea to fly inside it. Turns out I should have planned it a little better! o_O
  5. C

    Introducing Sparky 2.0 (a holiday special)

    Some of you might remember my story of how I drowned Sparky in the river... Sad. But, my subscribers came through, we raised just about enough in donations and Sparky 2.0 was in my warm embrace by Christmas! A holiday miracle indeed. I got a third battery as well, having just two and a charger...
  6. Austevik Dronefoto

    Dji Spark | First Flight - First Snow | Spark Drone Video

    Finally got to fly my Spark - or little Sparky as I call it. The snow had just come here, sun was shining and no wind, so I went to a lake nearby to fly for the first time. Some drama and I give my first impressions on this super fun drone! Spoiler: I like it alot!
  7. tvon

    First Spark video - Snow footage

    Made my first video from a quick flight yesterday, first snow of the year. A real quick and dirty edit. All filmed on 2 batteries worth of Spark flying time. Comments welcome.
  8. bath1968

    Spark out in the Cold and Snow

    Just a quick flight today in the snow and cold.:)