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  1. H

    Bath (Somerset, England) - From my Spark :)

    What do you guys think?
  2. Justin

    Bridgwater Fair 2017

    I shot this a few weeks back :D I knew I didn't want the Spark flying over so many people so opted to launch from a wide open space, a good 100m back from the fair rides and people in the area. Then up to around 50m. With only the phone to control at that point in time (and one battery) I was...
  3. Justin

    Cothelstone Hill, The Quantocks, Somerset

    Lil bit of DSLR footage and then into some Spark footage of one of my favourite places near where we live. :) cheers, Justin
  4. Oliver Scott

    Hi from Taunton, Somerset, UK.

    Just got my Spark last week and had a very brief test on Berrow Beach (Only one battery back then have three now). Got the White Spark (This is a review item to test) 3 Batteries RC Controller Set of replacement Rotor Blades Rotor Guards OTG cable iPad Mount 64GB SD Card Better Case Think...