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south australia

  1. Simon Cooper

    Low and Close Flight Over Water. Aerial Footage of Athelstone Weir, River Torrens, Athelstone, South Australia

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  2. Simon Cooper

    A Bit Of Fun In The Park With Me and My Spark (And My 69 Beetle)

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  3. Simon Cooper

    Cute Little Church On Top Of A Hill, Montacute, South Australia

    Subscribe to my YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/homecedo
  4. Simon Cooper

    Cinematic Low Flights Over Water (River Torrens, Athelstone, South Australia)

  5. Simon Cooper

    Swing Bridge Over The River Torrens, Adelaide, South Australia

  6. Simon Cooper

    Cool Active Track Of Me On My Bike in Athelstone (Adelaide) South Australia

  7. Simon Cooper

    DJI Spark - The 1st Five Months (The best bits)

    A compilation of the best bits of the last five months with my DJI Spark. Local footage of the Athelstone, South Australia, area and footage taken during our Bali, Indonesia, holiday, 2018: