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spark remote control

  1. S

    Spark Remote Firmware 1.00.0400

    Hi All, I have a new spark with fly more combo. The spark has the latest fw but the remote is complaining and want to upgrade to the 1.00.0400 firmware. I am really worried to install that firmware as my remote might became bricked. I am using iphone 6s with latest iOs. Questions: 1. Can I...
  2. Nikon1

    Spark Remote Controller DOES Fit iPad Mini 4

    I remember people asking if the RC arms would open wide enough to accept an iPad Mini 4 as the display. Unfortunately, based on my FlyMore Combo, they will not. Thankfully I have the Skytreat iPad holder from my Mavic and that fits like a glove. Just a Heads Up. Good Flying! FOLLOW THE...