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  1. theDRONEranger

    FREE!!! 3D Printed Strobe Holders FREE!!!

    FREE!!!! Offer only valid in the lower 48 US. You pay the $10 shipping and handling. Set of 4, (2x front & 2x rear). Made for the Firehouse Cree Dual strobes, may fit others. Brand new, never used. Simply not going to use them, so they are up for grabs. Message me please for...
  2. E

    Strobon CREE LED with 3D printed bracket

    Thought some may be interested to see this. I thought I would try the CREE strobe from Flytron on my Spark. A friend 3D printed the bracket. Looks good and certainly helps with visibility. Does affect responsiveness a little though, feels heavy even with this lightweight mod.