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the everyday boy

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    High Island Reservoir, Hong Kong by a 12 years old kid

    Hi. Thanks for clicking on this thread. Please enjoy this video and comment so I can improve. An early thanks for your support and please subscribe, like and share. Buh, and Bye ......
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    Crazy Scenery in Urban Jungle

    Hi everyone. I just went to two outlying islands in Hong Kong: Hap Man Bay and Kiu Tsui Island. Despite being a urban jungle, Hong Kong actually has a lot of beautiful scenery. This footage is barely graded. I used a polerlizer. It really is that beautiful, not faked. I hope you will enjoy my...
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    Three videos by an 11 year old kid

    Kai Tak, Hong Kong is originally sea and was made up to build Hong Kong's first airport. Now, it is demolished as the airport is moved to Chek Lap Kok/Kwok 20 years ago. Still, we can see some part of the runway left before it was closed for construction starting from yesterday Link: Vlog 001...