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tripod mode

  1. nilanjan118

    Gimbal Speed in TRIPOD mode

    I usually fly in P mode and have my gimbal speed set at 8~12 for smooth tilting of the camera while recording video. Few days back when I tried to tilt the gimbal in TRIPOD mode, I found that it barely moves as I already had the speed set at a very low value of ~10. What is the ideal speed...
  2. NacMacFeegle

    Secrets of the Woodland Realm | DJI Spark & super macro video

    I created this video over the course of the weekend - most of it was filmed within an area of just about a dozen square yards. I wanted to capture not only the landscape under the canopy of this mossy alder forest near Mt. St. Helens, but also the tiny microscopic world that you can just barely...
  3. S

    Spark for professional use? Please comment.

    Good morning, everyone! I just joined a day or so ago. I'm an architectural and commercial photographer and wanted to know your opinions on this. I'm a bit on the fence about choosing between the Spark and the Mavic, although after many, many weeks of reading, watching tutorials, sample videos...