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video editing

  1. S

    Tips For Uploading to YouTube?

    Hi all! Wondering whether I could get people’s various tips when it comes to uploading footage to YouTube? I figure others would find this useful also. To begin with, does anyone have advice on how to best preserve the Spark’s video quality when posting to YouTube? In this vid, the final...
  2. A

    Real Estate Video Editing

    A picture is worth thousands words, but a video is even more than that. Not only does It give clients a clear view about the listing but also inspires emotion from clients. However, creating a video is not easy. Videographers not only knows how to shoot the footage but also know about...
  3. Gavieboydgi

    Dji Spark in Really Bad Wind Today U.K

    Was out today testing new firmware that i'd downgraded to 300 so i can mod the parims and because of the bad 1000 july update its horrible!!! Heres The Youtube from my flight today 28/7/2018
  4. limesqueezy

    Video Editing on iPad Mini...

    Hi, I've searched the forums and looked at a bunch of posts, but they don't directly answer my questions, so at the risk of being flamed (you wouldn't do that, would you?), here are my questions. 1) Is anyone editing video with iMovie on iPad, or more specifically iPad Mini? 2) If editing on...