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wifi issue

  1. A

    Issue with frequency changes 5.8 to 2.4 ghz Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

    Hey, So this seems to be an issue that is common but I have an issue with changing the wifi frequency from 5.8 GHz to 2.4 GHz. I have posted on DJI's forums about this issue but haven't got a response. The following are specs as far as phone used, firmware, and methods tried: Samsung Galaxy J3...
  2. N

    Interference Issues

    I am having a hard time keeping a video feed while flying my Spark. It often says Weak Image Transmission Signal or Interference. I have tested my flight in a wide open cotton field with nothing around and am still getting these issues. Any thoughts? Notice in the first picture the Red icon on...
  3. T

    Wi-Fi connect/disconnect and repeat??

    Hi guys and gals, Flying my new spark today and loving it. Have the fly more combo. Second day flying it today. I was in a little more populated area. Using a LG G6 phone with controller no OTG cable. Spark responded fine to radio but would discounted and then re connect for a couple...
  4. Y

    Spark terrible video feed with Huawei Mate 7, would be better with Xperia z5 premium?

    Hello all, I bought a Spark drone fly more combo 1 month ago. I ve done already around 7 flights and I am surprised how bad is the live video feed on the dji app. I ve read several posts and youtube and googled it and i ve done the typical stuff (otg cable, airplane mode). Otg improves...