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  1. SlaVa

    Nice sunny winter day near Minsk, Belarus

    This winter in Belarus is not so cold and almost without snow. But I caught one beautiful day! :) I hope, you will enjoy this video.
  2. NacMacFeegle

    Snowshoe Adventure in the Cascade Mountains

    The winter forest glows with the soft light of a January afternoon high in the Cascade Mountains near Mt. St. Helens. Silver firs rustle in a light breeze that heralds the coming of new snow, and Gray Jays flit through the canopy above. Snowshoeing is great way to get out for a hike during the...
  3. WV2019

    Iceland from the air (Winter)

    Footage from a trip to Iceland last Winter. They don't have much daylight that time of year so had to make the best of it!
  4. nilanjan118

    Over the Snow | Ibaraki - Japan

    As the name suggests.
  5. nilanjan118

    Snowfall in the Land of the Rising Sun

    I had my drone replaced via DJI Care Refresh last evening and it started snowing right after. It's the first snowfall of the Kanto region (Greater Tokyo Area along with seven prefectures) this season. So woke up in the morning today and got some nice shots. No filters or post processing used...
  6. O

    First post - first (Winter) panorama (from Denmark)

    Hi all, New member to the forum - thanks for the add. Been flying Spark since August last year. Due to winter ( and lack of light) haven't flown since min november last year. Yesterday weather and time permitted it, so I went out late afternoon. For the first time figured out how to stitch...
  7. AP Aerial

    #GOLDENHOUR over Beck Lake

    This is some old footage I originally edited on a free phone app... So I "digitally remastered" it with Vegas 14. Some of my only usable golden hour footage! Like, follow and share!
  8. NacMacFeegle

    Flying over White Pass

    I filmed this with the DJI Spark nearly a year ago, but didn't do anything with the footage until now. Looking back it's crazy how much better at flying I am now than I was back then! It's still got enough interesting mountain scenes to be worth sharing, and I hope to return soon to fly there again.
  9. Zeljkobn

    ❄ Winter idyll / dji spark / please sub.

  10. SlaVa

    Spark, winter, big trees

    This is my first flight with Spark. (Sorry for the Russian titles in the video). "Let's try, let's fly..." Location: Minsk sity, Belarus
  11. alexino

    Above Transalpina mountain road

    Hello guys! I have the little Spark for a month, it's my first drone, I'm also a beginner in videography and I dare to show you one of my first shots taken a few days ago, in the Carpathians Mountains, on Transalpina road, Romania. I also made some photos, you can see them on my photo blog...
  12. NacMacFeegle

    "Peace" short film + aerial photo gallery with illustrative prose.

    I made this video with the intention of creating a relaxing and serene experience that can be watched whenever you're feeling stressed or unhappy. It is part of a multimedia project on the theme of the silence and peace found after a heavy snowfall - I've published the complete piece which...
  13. NacMacFeegle

    Soaring over the Snow - video/photo gallery

    It's really difficult to get nice aerial footage of landscapes in Southwest Washington. However, a fresh blanket of snow makes everything look scenic and even spectacular! I've published a gallery of my best photos from Sunday on my blog: Illuminations from the attic: Soaring over the Snow -...
  14. C

    Checking out a pretty cool statue from the air (vlog and an update on #steve)

    A few days ago I asked the internet to help me out. My friend´s brother Steve had just gotten brain cancer again and my friend asked me if I could help him cheer his brother up. So I posted a video and the response has been incredible. I´ve received clips from all over the world now and still...
  15. Austevik Dronefoto

    Spark | Drone in the Drain

    Went out to fly and found a drainpipe. Seemed like a good idea to fly inside it. Turns out I should have planned it a little better! o_O
  16. C

    Holiday Special Pt II Practicing continuous shots.

    The spark has many helpful features like the quick shots and the auto tracking, but I´ve been wanting to make videos with longer continuous "free hand" shots, I´m thinking it´s a good way to improve my piloting skills. Not having a 3 axis gimbal, makes this a little more of a challenge I think.
  17. G

    Winter Storage

    being on the east coast and winter slowly closing in what should I be doing the store my spark and batteries for the winter months?