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Hi all, I'm a new dji spark pilot from Papua New Guinea. Just recently bought a spark, only need to get a new device to fly it. What's the best device under $500 can I get to fly my spark without any inconvenience? Would appreciate every positive feedback. Do keep an eye out for some good content from PNG!
If you bought the Spark alone and the device you’re talking about is a controller then you can get one on Amazon for about $140.
Thanks to all members for advice - I think I didn't explain the main problem:-
I'm trying, as a start, to link my mobile phone wifi with the drone.
I'm doing this inside my house next to my router.
In <settings> <wifi> on the phone, I select the drone account and am told "no internet".
Let me try and get this to work before getting on to how to fly!
So, if I understand you, i need to connect the phone to the drone router using phone wifi??? Nothing to do with the internet??
Do you know if DJI are still supporting the Spark? I deleted the app and reloaded it yesterday, and what I saw didn't mention Spark at all........
Seem to be going backwards
I’m interested in photo mapping farm land on steep terrain. Is the GPS data accurate in this situation?
Long-time amateur radio operator, software developer, and electrical engineer, looking to broaden horizons by getting into personal drones. Oh how I longed for something like this when I have been installing long-wire antennas and I'm hoping that my itty-bitty Spark is up to the challenge!
Hello robsp58, I read some recent posts about the go 4 mod and saw that it was placed onto dropbox, however now I see that it has been taken off. Is there any way I could get a copy ?
i love litchi with my spark it, adds so much to it and now i,m so dissappointed that it is just junk with my mavic pro it has all kinds of issues , no i,ll take that back if has to connect to have issues i,ve tried everything to the point i,m afraid it is going to cause me problems with spark I thought it would be great but not !! i hear dji has a mission hub for mavic hope i can find it and it is as dependable

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