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Remote still blinks fast twice red and doesn't transmit a said. Cannot connect to. :(
Hi, liked your clip of "Marina in Ireland", can you tell me what editing program you are using ?
Thanks, LouSpark
I thought I add a pic of my Spark: Lucy...Thanks to all contributors and friends. I enjoy visiting this informative group and look forward to interacting more often.
Hi Jannie, Jacques from Stellenbosch. Need help. Sorry to bother you with this but I get terrible range on my Spark. I am now ready(nervous) to go to fcc mode. What and how is, in your opinion, the safest way to do this? Kind regards, Jacques
Im loosing video at about 70m, (230 feet). Can anyone assist please? Yes, it is with a remote.
Flew my spark over the lake today was a little windy the alert came on for Highwinds I should land immediately I didn’t land it immediately and it landed by itself does anyone know if that is a fail safe
Hi fellow pilots. I think the battery to my spark has a fault. The other day my spark literally fell out the sky and battery was lying next it. I’ve since charged that battery and the same thing happened when I tested it again. All my other batteries work in it. What could have happened to that one.
Hello! I'm Hunter Adams! I am 11 yrs old! I live in WA USA. I am a relatively new spark owner (as of August 2019)! If i have any questions or problems I will be sure to contact the long-time owners here! Please have a wonderful day!

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