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Situs jual beli mobil baru dan bekas online terpercaya. Di jlcmobil anda akan lebih mudah menemukan mobil idaman anda karena banyak pilihan produk yang tersedia dari merk terbaik dengan harga terjangkau dan transaksi pembilan yang lebih mudah.
you can insert a red piece of thin Plexiglas or other foil like that used in infrared devices
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Thanks. I think I'll do that - just need to find the right piece...
I am still having problems charging my Spark controller. Sometimes the lights blink random during charging,after the lights are all out and the controller appears to be charged I only get 3 lights solid and fourth light blinking when I turn it on. I took a flight today and the controller battery died before I could finish one battery. New Controller??
All, I am not receiving the daily mail any more. How can I get it, on a dally basis, again ? Thanks and regards. Costanzo
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would you mind telling me how to reset the spark battery? I need your helping hand.
Hey all New to the Dji spark and just getting used to the drone and working on dialing in camera settings. I have seen multiple post talking about taking camera out of auto mode and adjusting settings manually. Anyone have a post that explains how to set this based on your scene? Would love some help and thank you in advanced!

Remote still blinks fast twice red and doesn't transmit a said. Cannot connect to. :(
Hi, liked your clip of "Marina in Ireland", can you tell me what editing program you are using ?
Thanks, LouSpark
I thought I add a pic of my Spark: Lucy...Thanks to all contributors and friends. I enjoy visiting this informative group and look forward to interacting more often.

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